We work with all the major communication operators to develop and improve our underground network, that meets government and industry standards for construction. 

Why choose us

We are a Telstra approved supplier, a commitment spanning over 30 years, and a selected supplier to the NBN and other broadband networks.

Our in-house team of engineering and design specialists enhance Infrastructure Products Australias’ industry leadership capabilities by providing the expertise required for any custom access protection project across large and complex networks.

Our collaborative approach from early design to engineering expertise and integrated delivery ensures our customers’ success in all new and existing communications projects. Infrastructure Products Australia is proud to be leading the way in the next generation of innovative communication products to prepare for Australia’s growing population and ageing underground network. 

There’s no doubt we provide a vast range of pit options. From the flexibility of our STAKKAbox, light and durable MONObox to our standard and bespoke Precast Concrete pits, we have all the options to suit your project. But did you know, we also offer a huge complimentary range of covers that suit all types of installations, including a Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) approved range, used by Australian Defence, Airports, Seaports and Prison projects. 

Improving the track and traceability in our Composite Cover Range

We’ve been working with significant communication partners to bring to market our SMART covers for P1-P9 and STAKKAbox pits. 

Redeveloping our plastic pit range 

We are working towards a fully sustainable and cost-efficient plastic pit that exceeds Australian Standards. 

Solutions Focused. Ideas Engineered.

We work with our customers to develop new innovative product solutions for all types of communication projects. We can engineer to your specifications whether you need a flexible, quick install solution, like our STAKKAbox pit or manholes or bespoke precast concrete. 

Key facts and figures

30 Years
The length of our Telstra partnership
Product solutions that can be used in the Communications Sector
Organisations we partner with Australia-wide

Featured Projects


Allan Border Field Redevelopment

Brisbane, Queensland
Grounds redevelopment to add lighting and future-proofing the oval against floods.
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In Progress

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In Progress

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