Australia is investing in world-class infrastructure, from roads, rail to airports and seaports, it’s safe to say we’re building infrastructure for the future. 

What do we have to offer? 

Having played leading roles in some of the most challenging Transportation projects in Australia. 

Infrastructure Products Australia’s project know-how is extensive and have proven capabilities to deliver products suitable for signalling and lighting, intelligent highway signage, bridge crossings, stormwater, kerb units, cable protection and overhead line warning systems. 

Working with various Authorities in each state, Infrastructure Products Australia continually develop products to meet a wide range of applications and specifications for the likes of Vic Roads, RTA (NSW) and Queensland’s Department of Transport, Australian Rail Track Corporation and Queensland Rail. 

We have end-to-end project expertise and products, from providing the solutions, quoting, all the way through to the installation of pits and covers for the Communications, Energy and Water sectors, we can do it all. 

It’s all about automation. Engineered for efficiency and safety

We’ve recently launched our TMR approved semi-automated Precast Concrete Kerb Unit in Queensland. Demand is high and we’ve got the supply. 

In-house design and engineer team

We have the expertise in-house to engineer the right solution for your project for ease of installation, durability and longevity. 

Bringing a Class G STAKKAbox pit to life

We’ve engineered a new G Class pit for use in Energy, Communications and Ports. 

Key facts and figures

$50 million
Any facts and figures?
38K ms’s
Any facts and figures?
Any facts and figures?

Featured Projects


Allan Border Field Redevelopment

Brisbane, Queensland
Grounds redevelopment to add lighting and future-proofing the oval against floods.
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In Progress

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In Progress

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