MULTIduct™ Gasket 6 Way

PRODUCT CODE: 50201242

MULTIduct™ is an innovative, lightweight and structural multiple duct cable protection system offering a modern alternative to traditional cable ducting systems.

  • Materials
    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Size
    365mm (L) x 254mm (W) x (D)
  • Load Rating

Features & benefits

High Crush Strength

Requiring shallower burial depths and with greater crush resistance than conventional methods, MULTIduct™ does not require any concrete or specialist surround due to its high strength and robust nature. Excavated material can be reused during re-installation reducing time, cost and heavy plant.

Quick Assembly with Secure One Click Connection System

MULTIduct™ offers a unique ‘push fit system’ that is fast and easy to install. During cable pulling, the unique push-fit connection eliminates any disengagement of the units once installed.


Less susceptible to drop related damages, MULTIduct™ offers a durable and lightweight unit that can be easily transported and moved on site. MULTIduct™ units also incorporate large radius corners to stop rodents biting through the duct unit to gain access to cabling.

Full specifications


Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), MULTIduct™ offers a lightweight, high strength to weight unit. With parts weighing below 20kg MULTIduct™ offers significant health and safety advantages permitting a single person lift and install.

Load Rating

Infrastructure Products Australia' MULTIduct™ manufactured to a Class B load rating (ultimate limit state design load of 10kN) under the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3996

How it works

The MULTIduct™ system offers a wide range of accessories to deal with tight turns, elevations, adjustable height on site, natural curvature and other


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