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Infrastructure Products Australia welcomes Burdens Australia to portfolio

IPA has announced the successful completion of its second strategic acquisition in 2023.

Resource: 50201807 – HS5 Ring and Utility Base Mix Kit

Download (360.34kb)

Resource: 50207739 – Corbel with Grout Tubes 950x400x240

Download (331.04kb)

Resource: 50207738 – Encasement Infill 1150x1150x300 with 750×750 Class E

Download (249.81kb)

Encasement Infill 1150x1150x300 with 750×750 Class E

Infrastructure Products Australia' precast encasements are manufactured using a 40MPa steel reinforced concrete and come in a variety of sizes to suit Infrastructure Products Australia’ broad range of access covers, including GMS and cast iron covers.

Resource: 50204221 – Encasement Solid 1300x1300x250 with 900×900 Class D

Download (569.55kb)

Resource: 50207424 – Encasement Solid 850x850x250 With 450×450 1 Part With RMS Brass Tag Comm Class D

Download (412.01kb)

Resource: 50206827 – Encasement Solid 850x850x250 with 450×450 Class D

Download (285.15kb)

Resource: 50207593 – Kerb Unit Intake Council Slimline LIL SAG 2400mm

Download (871.34kb)