STAKKAbox™ Fortress 610×610

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STAKKAbox™ is a range of sectional, modular and structural preformed access pits manufactured in various composite and polymer materials. As a result of these various features, STAKKAbox™ access pits are lightweight and robust, thereby offering time saving benefits in addition to a reduction in costs for the installer.

  • Materials
    Composite, Ductile Cast Iron, Galvanised Mild Steel (GMS), Precast Concrete
  • Size
    610mm (L) x 610mm (W) x (D)
  • Load Rating

Features & benefits

Manufactured by Injection Moulding Process


Variability in Size

Custom Root Slab with Class D High Security SCEC Cover.

A Range of Cover Options Available

A Range of covers are available for Stakka BoxTM Ultima Pit. Including concrete, composite, cast iron and GMS cover, moulded extensions risers are also available as options.

Full specifications