HS9 STAKKAbox™ Ultima Concrete Surround Kit

Product Code: 50203919

HS9 concrete surround kit was designed for an ease of transportation and quick assembly. Part A and B are mixed together and poured between the adjustable HS frame and aluminium edging kit to match the surrounding environment.

  • Size
    2200mm (L) x 740mm (W) x 1046mm (D)

Features & benefits

Lightweight parts

Can be transported by a ute, mixed and poured by a single person without the need of heavy lifting machinery.

Quick assembly

Can be completed start to finish under an hour by a single person.

Full specifications


Utility pit mix, utility pit mix admixture, aluminium

How it works

HS9 concrete surround kit consist of eight 20kg bags of utility pit mix, two 11L bucket of utility pit mix admixture and two aluminium edging HS6 kits. The two utility parts are mixed, then poured into the frame created from the two aluminium edging kits.