Tim Jackson

Tim has over 24-year journey across the manufacturing and wholesale sectors of Infrastructure Products. His career commenced with hands-on experience in the mixing and extrusion of plastic conduit during the era of cable TV, showcasing his early immersion in the industry.

Tim’s innate talent for sales quickly propelled him through the ranks, transitioning from an Internal Sales Person to the esteemed role of Business Development Manager for Burdens & Cubis Industries in the United Kingdom. In this capacity, he demonstrated his strategic acumen and contributed significantly to the growth and development of these reputable organizations.

In 2010, Tim made a pivotal move to Western Australia, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Here, he played a key role in the successful launch of the Cubis Products, which have since become synonymous with quality in the Civil, Telecommunications, and Electrical sectors. His dedication and vision contributed to establishing Cubis as a household name in the region.

In 2014, Tim further solidified his presence in the industry by taking on the role of Sales Director/Owner at Burdens Australia. Leveraging his technical sales expertise and a focus on new product development, he successfully expanded the business across state borders, showcasing his ability to drive growth and innovation. Tim’s professional journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence, from his early days in hands-on roles to his strategic leadership positions.